COAT Lambskin

This green robe coat comes in the most delicate shearling that feels like chiffon.The piece features an extremely comfortable fit that is accentuated by the dropped shoulder detailing.The coat is embellished by the collar made from sophisticated wild Barguzinsky sable from Russia, the finest fur there is, which is regulated by limited annual quotas that are established by the Russian Federal Government. The fur boasts dense underfur and long, lustrous and rigid hairs, which are enhanced by their distinctive silky feel.Kiton only chooses sable furs that have been classified as 'Selected' by the Sojuzpushnina auction in St. Petersburg.Hides are processed with techniques that merge tradition and innovation to enhance their natural fineness, thereby ensuring the premium quality that is in keeping with the brand's identity and mission, and fully respecting animal welfare and environmental regulations.

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Composition: Collar 100%SABLE, 100%LAMBSKIN
Size and fit:
  • Regular fit

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