Ciro Paone S.p.A., with registered office in Via San Pasquale a Chiaia, 83 (Naples), and operational headquarters in Arzano, Viale delle Industrie, operates in the clothing sector as a manufacturer of outerwear, trousers, and sportswear, for both men and women, with a tailored cut, as well as accessories (ties, shirts and shoes, in which it is accredited as a lifestyle luxury brand.

Our Values
Ciro Paone’s industrial and commercial goals are combined with the goals of quality, social and environmental sustainability, respect for the environment and the internal and external working/structural setting.

In this framework with a focus on Social Sustainability, the Company Management is committed to pursuing the following goals in terms of Gender Equality:

  • respect of the constitutional principles of parity and equality;
  • adoption of measures that promote effective equality between men and women in the world of work, including: equal opportunities in terms of access to work, equal income, equal access to career and training opportunities, full implementation of paternity leave in line with European best practices;
  • promotion of welfare policies in support of the “silent work” of those who dedicate themselves to caring for the family, respecting Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Italian Constitution (formal equality);
  • adoption of specific measures in favour of equal opportunities, in line with the provisions of Article 3, paragraph 2 of the Italian Constitution (substantial equality);

The company also proposes to:

  1. engage in a fair and equitable manner with all staff, regardless of gender, in a positive, respectful, and constructive way;
  2. promote gender awareness and gender sensitivity.
  3. promote communication and marketing activities that transparently declare their aim to achieve gender equality, enhance diversity and support female empowerment.